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Legend of the Hobgoblin

The Legend of the Hobgoblin

The legend goes that the minister to this church was sailing with his wife back to Kingston from New York City when they began to pass by Dunderberg Mountain, a mountain long notorious for the malevolent hobgoblin that dwelt there and plagued passing ships with menacing weather. Well, as the minister’s ship passed by, the hobgoblin caused a storm to erupt all around the vessel before flying down onto the mast, where he seized control of the ship. The crew embraced for the worst, but the minister acted quickly, performing an exorcism known only to him that put the spirit to flight, but not before it had seized the hat off his wife’s head. Strangely, the stolen hat was found the next day back in Kingston atop the church’s steeple. Whether out of jest or sudden consideration, the hobgoblin had flown some 60 miles north to return it, but unfortunately for him, upon landing on the holy church’s steeple, he became entrapped within. To this day, he remains imprisoned there, where he scares steeple painters to their deaths and disrupts church services with the sound of loud snoring.

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