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Remains of the Abandoned Catskill Game Farm

While the current owners have no plans of bringing back a zoo, they are in the middle of efforts to turn the grounds into a campground and RV park. This giraffe house will become an inn (‘The Long Neck Inn”) that can host weddings and events. Even now, camping is available at the site

The new owner's plans also involve creating a museum to the zoo, which will honor and celebrate its past with exhibits and memorabilia

The stage where elephants, bears, and other exotics animals once performed..

While once you could encounter deer around the park, nowadays it’s mostly the owner’s goats or their friendly cat, Steve

By the end of the zoo’s run, they had had roughly 2,000 animals from over 150 species, imported from around the world.

After its 73 year run, The Catskill Game Farm closed on Columbus Day in 2006. Over that 73 year run, the zoo had stayed a private enterprise in the Lindemann family. Roland’s daughter, Kathy Schultz owned the Game Farm when it closed and blamed its closure on low attendance and growing overhead costs. By the time of its closing, attendance had dwindled from its impressive half million a year to a low 100,000 visitors.

The closing brought about the auctioning off of over 1,000 animals including rare and endangered species like vervet monkeys, african porcupines, and red deer. Animal rights activists rallied to the auction to ensure that the animals would be ensured new, human homes. Luckily, a coalition was formed that aimed to save the most at risk animals. While many of the animals found appropriate homes, like the white rhino bought by Marc Ecko, others were sold to bidders with trophy hunting connections.


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