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Hudson River State Hospital

Designed in 1867 by Frederick Clarke Withers in a High Victorian Gothic Style, this main building is just one within a sprawling complex of abandoned structures that once housed the Hudson River State Hospital. Opening in 1871 on beautifully landscaped grounds designed by Calvert Vaux and Frederick Law Olmsted (who were still creating Central Park at the time), the...

Remembering Life on the Frozen Hudson

The Hudson used to be a very different place come winter. Take a look and discover the very interesting place that it used to be! Photo Credits: Hudson River Valley Heritage https://www.hrvh.org Hudson River Maritime Museum http://www.hrmm.org/ Palisades Interstate Park Commission http://www.njpalisades.org/pipc.html Historical Society of Newburgh Bay & the Highlands http://www.newburghhistoricalsociety.com/ Nyack Library http://nyacklibrary.org Fulton History Newspaper Archives http://fultonhistory.com/

Belknap Stone House

Belknap Stone House NEWBURGH, ORANGE COUNTY, NEW YORK Built by Abel Belknap in the 1750's, this is Newburgh's second oldest structure after the Hasbrouck House. Belknap was a Patriot who chaired the Committee of Safety during the war and allowed Major General, James Clinton, to use this house as his headquarters during the Continental Army's encampment in the Newburgh area from 1782-1783. Today, it...

The Psycho House’s New York Origins

Discover the origins of the Bates House from Alfred Hitchcock's Psycho and the recently popular Bates Motel television show. See how a painter from New York used a home in the Hudson Valley to create the work of art that would inspire Hitchcock and terrify audiences for decades

Remains of the Abandoned Catskill Game Farm

While the abandoned Borscht Belt hotels and resorts are a famous staple of abandoned Catskills sites, The Catskill Game Farm remains a much less visited gem amongst the urbex community. For one thing, unlike most abandoned sites, trespassing will most assuredly lead to an arrest and charges being pressed, but if you play by the rules, plan your visit,...

Grossinger’s Catskill Resort Hotel

Before/After Grossinger's Pool It's quickly being forgotten that the Catskill Mountains were once home to a number of luxurious resorts and hotels where city residents would frequently vacation, but once air travel became more affordable and popular, the Catskills quickly declined. Today, many former luxurious resorts are left to decay.