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Hudson River State Hospital

Designed in 1867 by Frederick Clarke Withers in a High Victorian Gothic Style, this main building is just one within a sprawling complex of abandoned structures that once housed the Hudson River State Hospital. Opening in 1871 on beautifully landscaped grounds designed by Calvert Vaux and Frederick Law Olmsted (who were still creating Central Park at the time), the hospital would grow to house nearly 8,000 patients and staff by the 1950’s. In the following decades, the hospital quickly declined as psychiatric treatment changed and less funding was granted. By 2001, the grounds had been completed abandoned. Since then, the 156 acre site has been slated to become a residential and retail space with Wither’s main building to be repurposed, but on April 27th of this year, an arsonist’s fire destroyed the building, making demolition its most likely fate.

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